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This is an injectable anti-ageing treatment made from hyaluronic acid for skin that is losing its elasticity and firmness with age. Profhilo contains one of the highest concentrations of stabilised hyaluronic acid on the market. Because it is thermally bonded and not chemically bonded it acts as a hydrator not a filler, and therefore doesn't change the shape of your face. It is injected just underneath the surface of the skin where it disperses quickly and reacts with your own tissue to instantly boost hydration. 

Benefits include: 
Over the next four weeks after treatment, results start taking effect as it goes to work boosting elastin and collagen production. This effectively remodels the skin and therefore gives it a plumper, smoother and firmer appearance.
This is a buildable treatment that requires between one to three sessions, depending on age and skin quality. This is discussed during consultation.
Treatment areas: face, neck, décolletage, hands and knees.
Downtime: <24 hours

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP is an advanced, cutting edge therapy (widely known as the vampire facial) using your body’s own ability to regenerate new tissue and collagen. Growth factors which stimulate new blood vessels and tissue are stored in your blood platelets and by taking a small sample of your blood, the platelets are separated from the whole blood, and then re-injected where their growth factors are released into the areas needed, and will attract stem cells from surrounding tissues. Stem cells take the form of the new tissue into which they have been attracted, resulting in new blood supply, new tissues and if also placed in the hairline/scalp; new hair growth. 

Benefits include:
Improved skin texture (silkiness), increase in skin thickness and vitality, hydration, reduction of signs of ageing (lines, spots and dark circles), reduction of scars.  
Downtime: <24-48 hours 


Using the Skin Pen (a FDA approved medical device), thousands of micro-channels are created from the micro needling (you are totally numb from the anaesthetic cream), creating  a state of micro-trauma to the skin, and therefore encouraging collagen production. The goal is for the damage caused by the needles to stimulate your body to send healing agents in the form of elastin and collagen to the area of treatment to repair the skin, it can sometimes be called collagen induction therapy. 

Benefits include: 
Appropriate for younger skin in comparison to other treatments. Helps with signs of ageing, acne scarring, sun damage, shrinks pore, reduces appearance of fine lines and is safer than chemical peels and laser.

 Downtime: 48-72 hours (varies on the microneedling depth required patient to patient) 


Wrinkle-relaxing injections 

Neuro-toxins in nano doses are injected into the muscles of the face, this in time inhibits the communication within the injected muscles, and reduces localised facial movements, to specific areas. By inhibiting this persistent movement, the skin smooths out and reduces the appearance of lines on the forehead, brow and eyes. 

Downtime: nil 

Shades of White Stone
Cracked Earth

Hyperhydrosis injections 

Using the same neuro-toxin used on the face, this can be administered to the axilla (arm pits) to stop excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis).  

Downtime: nil 


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After care

The Clinic will offer your treatment appropriate aftercare, and follow up with you after a couple days. If you have any concerns regarding your treatment, you will have Celine's mobile number to contact directly.